The Studio Ingegneria Balossi Restelli e Associati was founded in 2011 to continue the 50-year-old work done by dr. Eng. Achille balossi restelli and his staff.
It is a team of graduate Civil Engineers, specialized in soil and rock mechanics, hydraulic and structural design, and offers bespoke services, ranging from consultations on specific subjects to fully developed design and construction control, according to individual client requirements.
It provides effective design engineering solutions and services in tunnelling and underground excavations, soil and rock consolidation, foundation engineering, earth works, embankments, landslides stabilization, civil and infrastructures design.
Competences include the full range of civil engineering work typologies: transport infrastructures, industrial and civil buildings, dams, hydraulic power plants, and historical buildings.
Studio Balossi e Associati offers authorities, private companies and engineering firms assistance both in design phase (simple consultancy or fully developed design and security plan) and during construction (works supervision, preliminary test, monitoring system design, control testing and inspection, loading tests and management of safety and security).
Moreover Studio Balossi e Associati provides highly specialized consultancy in the area of ground improvement, offering unique expertise in the development and application of grouting technology and ground freezing. It has the equipment, knowledge and facilities to design and analyse the fluid and set properties for various types of grout mix and resins in order to optimize rheological, injectability and strength properties.
The team consist of three graduate civil engineers, an architect, three technical undergraduate degree holders and office staff.